The Easy 2 Step Process Of Getting Cash For Junk Cars

The Easy 2 Step Process Of Getting Cash For Junk Cars

The Easy 2 Step Process Of Getting Cash For Junk Cars

8 June 2022
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Many people put off the task of selling their junk cars simply because they expect the process to be time-consuming or difficult. If you have been putting off finding a buyer for your unwanted junk car, you should know that the process of getting cash for your old vehicle can actually be much easier than you might think. In fact, many people will be able to complete this process in a single day by simply completing two basic steps. You can learn more about these two steps below.

Step #1: Contact Salvage Yards To Find A Buyer

While finding a private buyer for your junk car may be a bit difficult, finding a salvage yard that is willing to pay cash for your junk car is a very simple task. In order to get a purchase offer you simply need to contact auto salvage yards in your local area over the phone.  Be prepared to tell them the make, model, and year of your vehicle and to answer some basic questions regarding the condition of your vehicle. This entire process will only take a few minutes. Once you have completed this step in the process you will be given a purchase offer. If you choose to accept the offer a tow truck will be sent to your location and you will move on to the final step in the process.

Step #2: Complete The Paperwork And Get Your Cash

When the tow truck arrives to pick up your junk car, you will need to complete some very basic paperwork to finalize the sale of your vehicle. This paperwork typically involves you transferring ownership of the vehicle either by signing the back of the vehicle title or by completing a bill of sale. If you do not have the title for the vehicle you may also be asked to provide alternative documents showing that you are the owner of the vehicle. Registration and insurance cards are a great way of demonstrating ownership even if these documents are expired. In some cases, you may also be asked to sign an affidavit of ownership form. This form simply attests to the fact that you are the owner of the vehicle, that you have the right to sell the vehicle, and that there are no liens against the vehicle. Once all of this paperwork is in order, you will receive your cash payment and you can wave goodbye to your unwanted junk car.

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